Rev. Micah A. Thomas

Rev. Micah Andrew Thomas serves as a Minister of Berean Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC. He leads a team responsible for developing communications strategies that help advance Berean’s efforts to catalyze broad impact through the sharing of effective ideas and practices. These strategies include partnerships with community organizations, Web development and marketing, mobile app development, social media, media outreach, and event planning.

Minister Thomas not only pursues Berean’s impact on the community. He founded an organization that seeks to provide better media and communication tools for small churches and non-profits to reach their surrounding communities. His passion is for churches and organization to have the resources to provide media at a high-level quality not otherwise possible.

Micah holds a Masters of Divinity from Duke Divinity School, Duke University.

Micah is married to his best friend, the former Maria Baker. They are currently in the process to be foster parent and hope to one-day adopt.